Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last Day in the MTC

February 7th 2012

Hi Guys,

Today is my last day at the mtc! i've just started to get comfortable here and now they're making me leave! haha. i'm ready to get out and get started in my first zone though. when i first got here they told me that on my mission everyday will fee like a week and every week will fill like a day. its so true. i've learned more in these last three weeks then i've ever imagined was possible. it's realy is amazing. i'm doing things and learning stuff i'd never even thought about before. the whole process just blows my mind! i miss everyone o much but i'm starting to get used to being away. it's going to be hard to leave the mtc and watch all the friends i've made go to their seperate missions. because our group is so small we really have a special bond with each other.

My p day will most likely be on mondays in the field. i'll let everyone know my first area as soon as i find it out! i love you all very much. make sure you keep in touch. Your supporting words mean the world to me. talk to you all REAL soon. love you

Elder Ford

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