Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello everybody,

I hope everyone has had a great week celebrating the 24th of July and
enjoying the hot summer weather. It has been anything but hot here.
We've had to wear jackets a few days. The summer here is pretty much
over so it's back to the long sleeve shirts and jackets. We've had a
very busy week with lots of different things going on. This transfer
is going to go by so quickly.

The work with the Chinese is going very well. We've taught a lot of
new people once or twice but none of them have really progressed yet.
We did get to play basketball with them on Tuesday though. I'm so out
of shape! I don't think i've ever been so sore in my life. It was so
much fun though. Chinese people love the N.B.A so they were all
wearing they're LeBron James jersey's and their fancy shoes. They were
trying to do all the pro moves too. Sometimes I just had to laugh
because it was pretty funny to watch. We got a few phone numbers from
it though and we'll probably play with them again this week.

On Wedneday I went on exchange to Barrow-In-Furness (the town names
are so weird here). Barrow is on the northwest coast of England so we
were right next to the sea. It was the first time in my mission that I
had been away from the big city's. All i've ever known is Stockport,
which is in the Greater Manchester area, and Preston which is the
biggest city for quite a ways. Compared to these two Barrow was very
quiet. It had some pretty amazing scenery though. They develop all
kinds of weapons for the military in Barrow. They have a gigantic
factory there that half or the town is employed by so I got to see
some pretty cool things. I saw Battleships and submarines just sitting
in the harbor. I was like a little kid when I saw them. I just got so
excited! The missionary I was with was jsut laughing at me. I got some
pretty good pictures of them though and some pictures of the coast.

On Thursday we had a multi-zone training in Chorley. We learned a lot
about the changes the mission is making. My first six months we had
very rigid rules. For every situation there was a rule or something to
rely on. Now we are taking that away and just relying on the White
handbook and personal revelation. It will allow us to use our agency
which should allow us to experience more growth. We talked a lot about
the importance of obedience.

We talked a lot about overcoming the natural man as well. I learned so
much from that training. It was given by the Assistants to the
President and they said that "The natural man cannot be overcome in a
comfort zone". I've really learned how true that it is. The natural
man will try to find a way to make itself comfortable. If we want to
experience personal growth it will be by the death of the natural man.
Each missionary was invited to make a personal banner of how we were
going to re-commit to overcoming the natural man. I chose the quote
"the path of least resistance makes rivers and men crooked." I'm going
to do my best not to take the easy road or shortcuts. At the end of
the training they left us with a question. "Am i choosing the easier
wrong or the harder right?".....Boom.

The very next day we had an chance to put these things into action.
I've never been so frustrated in my life. We were walking down the
street and we passed by two men. One of them got down on his knees and
starting yelling and then grabbed me around the middle trying to hug
me. haha It was hard to stay calm. After that Elder Chan and I were
speaking to some Chinese people and a pack of teenagers came up and
just stood behind us. One of the girls ran up and kicked me. haha. I
didn't know what to do...awkward. After she kicked me they all ran
away. They came back a few second later. She ran up to Elder Chan and
took his glasses right of his face and ran away! Elder Chan and I had
to chase her. haha She threw them in the garbage can! It was pretty
crazy. We set up appointments with the Chinese people we were speking
with though. I think they felt bad for us. haha. Either way though it
was something we'll both remember.

We've got another exciting and busy week coming up. I got all the post
that was sent to the mission office address so i'll try and respond to
the letters I got today. I hope you all have a good week. I love you

Love Elder Ford

1. Chen Shen(my favorite chinese member!)
2. Battleships!!! (Barrow)
3. The coast. Looking into the Irish sea in Barrow
4/5. Sunday night in Preston

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi Everyone!
Preston is Exploding with Chinese! Things are really picking up here and doors are opening. In a few weeks we'll probably have all the people to teach that we can possibly handle. In only 4 days of the new transfer we've made incredible progress.
The last four days have been an adventure. On Saturday we had the ward Olympics where all the ward gathered together to play games. It was a good experience and we got to know a few of the ward members better. Other than that we've just been doing a lot of teaching!
The Chinese people we are teaching have only been in England for about a month, so their English needs a little bit of improvement. Most of the lesson is in Chinese so I mostly just sit there and smile. :) It's still fun though. Sometimes they have some pretty funny facial expressions.
Two of the people we were teaching even came to church on Sunday. They introduced us to 11 of their friends and we'll probably start teaching all of them in the next week! They all ask me all kinds of questions about America. It's pretty funny. 2 of the Chinese people's favorite things are Americans, and basketball. I told them last week that we're going to play basketball with them this week and they told all of their friends that they're going to play with an American basketball player. They said that they could probably get 10-15 more of their friends there! They think I'm in the N.B.A or something. It's pretty funny.
I'm becoming immersed in the Chinese culture. I'm learning a lot of Chinese words and phrases and eating proper Chinese food. I guess the Chinese food we have in America isn't really Chinese food. They set the food on the table and I was really confused. I asked, "Where is all the chicken with the sauce?". I was pretty much thinking it was going to be like Panda Express...not even close. haha. It's still pretty good though. The 23 pounds I lost in Stockport is slowly starting to come back. I'm getting REAL out of shape. The morning workouts are pretty much non-existent.
It sounds like it will be an Exciting week back home. The 24 of July is one of my favorite holidays. It's just like a second 4th of July! Sadly, I don't think any one will be celebrating it here. Make sure to eat a few burgers in my name. It'll be a fun week.
Well I love you all! I'm looking forward to here how everyones week went. Hope to talk to you soon!
Love Elder Ford
1) Ward olympics
2) Elder Chan
3) Me, Chen Shen, Elder Chan, and Wei Di. They are two of the Chinese members of the ward.
Love Elder Ford

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Another transfer has come and gone! Time is just flying by. 6 months of my
mission gone, just like that, and time just seems to be speeding up.
I'll be staying here in Preston for the next 6 weeks. My new companion
is... Elder Chan! He's from Hong Kong and speaks fluent mandarin and

We're going to be teaching loads of chinese people. The new semester
of school is about to start at the university and there will be a lot
of new students coming over from China. Elder Chan and I will be the
first ones to greet them. haha.

It sounds like everything is going great back home and that you're all
enjoying the summer. It's actually been quite cold recently. There is
no such thing as summer here in England.

Not much new has happened. Elder White and I had a fun transfer
together. We went through some pretty crazy times together so I feel
like we have a pretty good bond. We were able to laugh through it all.
Even when my wallet was stolen. No new updates on that. It's as good
as gone. Oh well...focus on what you can control.

I honestly can't believe how fast the time is going. 1/4 of the
mission! This transfer is going to be a very busy one too. Time flies
when you're teaching a lot of people. The chinese people are so great.
I've really learned to love them. I'm honestly considering learning
Mandarin when I get home. haha. "The field is Yellow and ready to
harvest." Hope everyone has a good week! Talk to you soon.

Love Elder Ford

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Mine was pretty quiet. It's
not the most popular holliday here in Britain. haha. We lucky enough
to be able to have a BBQ for it though. There is an American couple in
the ward so we had a the rain. Typical English weather.
Hot dog in one hand, umbrella in the other. Nothing was going to ruin
the 4th for us though so we endured through the rain because the 4th
of July is such an important holliday. So important that it speaks
about it in the Book of Mormon. Alma 10:6, Amulek was liberated from
sin on the 4th of July! I laughed so hard when I read that. You learn
so pretty random things as a missionary.

Anyways, we've had a pretty hectic week here. After all the miracles
we had last week everything fell apart. All the people we met didn't
turn up for the appointments we made! It was pretty heart breaking but
it's our of our control. That's something I learned in basketball that
has carried over here. One of Coach Briggs favorite lines, "Focus on
what you can control". Sometimes other people's agency is very
frustrating but we just do what we can and stay dilligent. I actually
found a scripture that talks about that, Ether 12:37. Read it...It's a
good one. I'm very glad i played a lot of sports because it really
prepared me to serve to come out here.

The end of our week was pretty jammed packed with meetings. On
thursday we had a Zone Training and interviews with President Preston.
We discussed the need for continued improvement. I told him now that
i've been out almost 6 months that I feel the growth stopping. It
feels like i've kind of a plateau. The first few months in the field
are full of new exciting experiences. Now the challenge is just to
keep applying myself and making steady progress. The interview really
helped me a lot and the past few days since then I have been able to
see improvement.

Saturday was probably the most exciting day of all. That morning we
got a ride to Liverpool to attend two baptisms of investigators the
Elder White taught, both chineese, then that night we had a huge
concert in Avenham Park to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the
first baptisms in the U.K. People came from all over the country to
see it. I got to see a lot of the members from Stockport! We were able
to spend some time with a lot of the other missionaries as well. It
was a lot of fun being able to see old friends.

That's most of what's going on. We have our transfers on the 18th of
this month so this is our last P-day of the transfer. It's crazy to
think how fast it went. Since we white washed into Preston we have no
idea what is going to happen. We both might stay, or either one of us
could go, or we both might go! It's up in the air. Next time I email
it possibly could be in a new area. Transfers are a pretty exciting
time and we're looking forward to find out what is happening.

Well... I'll speak to you all in about a week and a half! Love you all!!!

Love Elder Ford

1. Our 4th of July BBQ
2. Elder White and I at our Zone Meeting.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hopefully everyone has had a good week. Ours has been very good.
Things are moving along here in Preston. We've been blessed with so
many miracles after a trying first few weeks here.

I was shocked to hear about the newbold's daughter. I'll be praying
for their family. It makes me sick thinking that things like that
happen in the world today. When we talk to people on the streets
that's the #1 reason people say that they don't believe in God. "Why
do bad things happen to good people". We hear that everyday. Who ever
did that made a choice, and they will one day stand accountable before

It sounds liek there have been trying times at home. Trials fit us for
the kingdom. I've been able to learn that out here. That when trials
come, all we can do is face them with courage and have the faith that
better days will come, And better days will ALWAYS come. Miracles can
come through trials.

We’ve been able to see miracles here in Preston. We’ve found some
great new people to teach. Our biggest bright spot is a man named Rob.
We met Rob our very first day in Preston. We were speaking to someone
on the street and he came up and totally ruined our conversation with
him. He was a very proud Atheist and very science based. We talked for
quite a while bantering back and forth. We both used quite a bit of
humor so the conversation didn’t turn nasty. We committed him to pray
at the end of our conversation and he said that he would think about

The next day we were travelling to the library to do our emails and we
met him again! He showed us where the library was because he was on
his way there anyways. At the end of our emailing he came up to us and
just handed a piece of paper with his phone number on it and walked
away. We weren’t really sure what he was trying to say. It was pretty

We didn’t give him a call for quite a while. Last week we thought,
“Hey, Let’s call Rob”. We gave him a call and set up an appointment
with him. When we went around to see him he was very excited to see
us. We sat down and he said “I did what you asked, I prayed”. Elder
White and I were shocked. He has begun to recognize that something in
his life is missing. It was one of the best lessons I’ve taught on my
mission. His heart was softened. He accepted a date for July 28 and
we're praying mightily that he makes it.

The craziest thing about Rob is how normal he is. He's 32, loves going
to the gym(He is a body builder), has a job. Most of the people we
teach here wouldn't be considered the norm at home. haha. He is the
definition of a potential kingdom builder.

We've had all kinds of experiences this past week. We've found quite a
few new peopel to teach. We've gone out tracting and been able to get
in homes. We met 3 olympians from the pacific Islands who are training
for the games in London. They recognized us because there are so many
missionaries on the islands. We also have begun teaching a hindu man.
Things are happening here.

Sad news about King though. His parents don't want him to be baptized
until they can speak to him face to face when he goes back to China.
Unfortunately when he goes back to China he won't be attending the
University here in Preston. So we're going to continue teaching him
and try and pass him on to the missionaries where he moves to.

Yesterday was a very special day. We had a great testimony meeting at
church. After that Elder White and I were walking down a street we
wanted to tract and one of the doors opened up and about 20 Hindu
women from India all hurried outside. We asked them what was going on
and they told us that a few of the leaders of the Hindu's were in the
house and were getting ready to leave. Then out walk seven monks in
Orange robes. The girls told us what to say in their language to them
and the chief monk touched Elder White on the head and said some kind
of blessing from God. We asked the girls who they were and they told
us that they were 7 of the Hindu saints and that there are only 500 of
them in the world. They told us that we must be very lucky to be able
to meet them. They all wanted us to come in and have a feast with them
but we told them we were fasting. They packed a bunch of treats in a
bag for us for after our fast. haha it was quite the experience.

Later that night we attended a fireside at the mission home for recent
converts and investigators. We took King there. There were about 8
recent converts who spoke about how they found they gospel and bore
their testimony of it's truthfulness. It was an amazing experience. A
few had only been baptized the day before, but they acted as though
they had been members for years. It fueled my desire to work harder to
find people like them. I'm going to do everything in my power to make
it happen.

I hope everyone has an excellent week. You'll all be in my prayers.
"Keep calm and carry on"(The queens motto)

Love Elder Ford


1. One of the Hindu saints.

p.s When the saint found out that I was from Utah he asked about
Jimmer. haha Jimmermania spreap all the way to India! He also knew
about Brandon Davies

June 25, 2012

Hey Everyone
Hopefully everyone has had a good week. It sounds like it's been a pretty busy time for everyone. Things are going great here. Elder White and I are working hard and trying to make good things happen.
I can honestly say I've never been so tired in all my life. If i sit down for two seconds I fall asleep. It's pretty ridiculous sometimes. On Saturday day we walked so much! my bus pass ran out so we didn't have a choice. We measured it our on a GPS. We walked about 15 miles! It was going on the Pioneer Trek all over again. On Friday it rained more than i've ever seen it rain in my life. Friday also happened to be the one day of the week were we didn't have any appointments set up. We were literally in the pouring rain the entire day, plus the umbrella I was using broke. haha. At lunch and dinner time we had to throw all our clothes in the dryer. It was pretty crazy. Luckily we were able to laugh the entire time. That's something great about Elder White. He always has a joke to tell.
Our investigators are doing well. They both came to church on Sunday. King(Chinese) is doing so great in our lessons. Church is a bit hard for him though, because of his lack of English. He still shows great faith by attending anyways! He shared some great experiences that he's already had with praying and is starting to gain a solid testimony. He's dated for the 7th of July and should make it for that day.
Simon is a little bit tougher. He has some kind of mental difficulties but we're not exactly sure what it is. He tends to go super of topic and he thinks that he us the Ultimate Supreme Governor of something called World Community where he writes laws that the entire world obeys. Obviously there is no such thing. He does make it look pretty official. He has a name tag that has his name on it and says that he is the Ultimate Supreme Governor(USG). I don't know who in the world he got to make it for him. haha. It's always an adventure when we have a lesson with him. You never know what he is going to say. It has been an interesting teaching process so far. We're still trying to figure out where he's at. haha. We're not sure what's going on with him.
Other than that nothing is really new. We're just moving forward. I'm in full swing out here. I've forgotten what being home and being normal is like. haha. It feels like I've been a missionary all my life. It's a weird feeling.
Well I love you all and I hope you have a good week!
Love Elder Ford
June 18, 2012

Hi everyone

Today is my 5 month mark....that's crazy. I still feel like a brand
new missionary. Time is moving quickly. Hopefully everyone had a good
fathers day! It's a special day! Elder White and I have had a good
week. Things are moving along in Preston.

We had Preston Stake conference yesterday and it was really good.
Elder Marlin K. Jenson of the Seventy was there and spoke. He was
realy good! General Authorities are on a whole other level it seems
like. I learned a lot from what he said.

Nothing really excitign happened this week. We had our zone conference
on Wednesday. I got to see Elder Corbin and he is doing really well.
It seems like it was so long ago that we were back in Stockport. Those
were good times. I also have been Enjoying a wonderful package that
Mom and Dad sent. The Candy is alredy pretty much gone! I really
appreciated it though. Packages and letters make a missionaries day,
especially when the day gets rough.

We now have a few investigators who we are seeing quite regularly. Our
first is King(chineese). He is dated for the baptism of July 7th and
should have no problem making it for that day. He is a student at the
University in Preston. The only probleme is he's not sure if he is
going back to China at the end of June, or the end of July for the

We also have been teaching Jacky and Rose(chineese, and married!).
I've been able to speak a lot of chineese. It's pretty funny because I
sound ridiculous when I speak it. They just laugh at me. Jacky and
Rose are very prepared to learn about God. It's very different
teaching people who have no concept of God. It's been a learnig
experiece for me.

We've also been seeing Simon. He is...interesting haha. He says the
craziest things that have nothing to do with what we're talking about.
He thinks he's that head of a world-wide organization called "World
Community" where he makes laws that the entire world obeys. He calls
himself the Ultimate Supreme Governer(USG). haha. Sometimes i have to
put my head down in lessons bacause I can't control the laughter. In
one of his prayers he just started going off about random things and
starting talking about the Greek god Mercury, then he closed the
prayer in the name of Mercury. I had no idea how to react to that.
haha. In his last prayer he closed in the name of "the people" so he's
showing improvement.

Other than that it's been a whole lot of time trying to find people.
It's been far from easy. We've had some pretty long days. In the
pouring rain all day long trying to knock doors. It's been a bit of a
trial and test of faith at times but we just keep moving forward. This
next coming week will be a good one.

Hopefully everyone has a good upcoming week. You'll probably be
enjoying the warm weather. It's about the same as it's always been
here, very wet. ahha. I Hope to speak to everyone soon. I lvoe you!

Love Elder Ford

1-3) Our extremelly small flat. Not nearly as nice as Stockport.
4) 3 generations of missionaries Elder Corbin(my father/trainer), and
Elder Eliason(My grandfather/ Elder Corbin's trainer). We have a good

Jun 11, 2012

Hello eveyone.

Hopefully you've all had a good week. Things are starting to pick up
here in Preston. We're just starting to figure out where everything is
so we don't feel as lost anymore.

It has been raining the entire weekend, harder than I've ever seen
before. We've come home every single night soaking wet a freezing
cold. The things you put up with as a missionary haha. My shoes are
already done. The insides are ripped to pieces so i'm going to have to
go look for some new ones today. 5 months out and already needing new

We had our first church meeting in Preston yesterday. I was shocked at
how small the ward was. Only about 40 people. The chapel didn't have
benches, only fold up chairs. I've never been in a ward so small in my
life. It was a really odd experience. It's definantly not the same as
back home.

Our hard work has paid off though. We were blessed with 3 new
investigators. Simon who we've met with twice. Also Jacky, and Rose.
They are two chineese students. Preston is usually a Chineese speaking
missionary area so there are a ton of Chineese students at the
University here. I'm going to have to pick up some chineese quick.

Luckily Elder White served with a Chineese companion for two transfers
so he knows a bit. We basically just hunt for people for different
countries. He goes after chineese and I go after africans. I've
learned a bit if Yoruba(tribal language in Nigeria) and there are a
lot of people who are Yoruba. They go crazy when you start speaking to
them in their language. Instant appointment. haha. We're learning a
bit of polish as well!

Hopefully everyone has a good week! Keep praying for the people here
in Preston. We need some miracles! Love you all!

Love, Elder Ford
June 7, 2012

Hello everybody!

Transfers have come and gone and I'm in a new area with a new
companion. My new area is....Preston! I'm very excited to be here.
It's a little bit of a different feel to Stockport. It feels a little
bit more like a home town, Stockport was very busy.

There is a lot of history here in Preston. This is where the 1st
missionaries spent most of there time, where the first convery baptism
where in europe in the River Ribble, and where Pres. Hinckley served
part of his mission and wrote that famous letter home to his dad. It's
extremelly humbling to be here where so many other legendary
missionaries have been.

My new companion is Elder White from Holladay, Utah. We're white
washing this area, which means we're both replaceing to other
missionaries. Neither of us know the area at all. We're completely
lost and have no idea where to go! haha It's an adventure. We weren't
left with anyone to teach so we'll basically be building from the
ground up. It's going to be a real challenge but i'm looking forward
to it. It'll be a big change, but a change for the best. "Change is
the essence of life. Be ready to surrender who you are now, for who
you can become". I'm trying to live by that out here.

It was pretty tough leaving Stockport. There was so many amazing
memories made there. It's where i spent the 1st for months of my new
life, my birth place. haha. I'm very grateful for my time there and it
will be something i will always remember. Coming to a new area feels
almost like starting a mission all over again. I feel like a new
missionary, completely lost. It's weird but it is an amazing feeling.
I can feel the growth and miracles coming. I'm coming into this
transfer expecting miracles. Good things are coming in Preston!

We've already been face with a for of oppostion. Our new flat is
pretty bad. haha. The beds are hard and uncomfortable, our study desk
is tiny, our shower only does cold water but it actually broke this
morning(shower head fell apart) so now we just basically have a hose.
haha I love it! We've just been laughing our way through it.

From what i've heard we'll be teaching a lot of chineese people.
Preston has a pretty big university and teh chineese population is
pretty large. Luckily, Elder White served in Liverpool and knows a bit
of chineese. We've got a chineese dictionary on the way!

I've really learned the importance of understanding other Cultures. In
Stockport, I really got to know a lot of the African culture,
especially the people from Nigeria(Yoruba tribe). People can not have
any interest in what you say, then you speak to them in their language
and the walls are torn down. Then you tell them that you have a book
of mormom in their language and they go crazy. haha. I've picked up a
little bit of Youruba and I'm looking forward to picking up some

Hopefully everyone has had an amazing week. I'll speak to everyone
again on Monday.

My new address is
Flat 1
67 Wellington Street

Love you all!

Elder Ford

1. Stockport District at the Toby Carvery
2. Knickerbocker Glory!
3. Elder Thomas and his brand new trainee who he'll be training in Stockport
4. 2nd tallest spire in England (in preston)
5. cobblestone street our side our new home
6. The old church outside our flat.

May 28, 2012

Hello everyone

Hopefully everyone has had a good Memorial day weekend because I totally forgot all about it. Sounds like the weather hasn't been too great though.

It's been really warm here, too warm. It's a completely different kind of heat. I walk outside and I'm sweating like crazy. It's been nothing but sunshine for over a week. That must be some sort of record or something. Someone from England told me a joke, they said "I remember summer last year. I think it was on a Wednesday." haha It'll probably be snowing tomorrow, you can never predict the weather here.

This week has been really difficult. We've just been a really bad slump. Some sad news, we lost Gerald...again. He just randomly told us that he didn't want to meet with us anymore and that he wasn't coming to church. It was pretty heart breaking. It's been extremely frustrating these past few weeks. Everything is just piling on top of each other. We've got nothing right now. We spend most of our time trying to find people to teach.

Transfers are coming up next Wednesday! It's gone by quick. I'll most likely be leaving Stockport for somewhere else. It's weird to think about. It could be anywhere with anyone. Change is a good think though. It allows us to grow which is something I feel like i haven't been doing a lot of lately. Things need to change.

This weekend i had the chance to go on exchange with Elder Herrin who is the new District Leader since Elder Corbin left. It was the third exchange with him. We have a lot of fun together. He really knows how to make the work fun, something I'm lacking right now. It was a good learning experience.

I've been studying like crazy these last few months. I feel like my knowledge of the Gospel and the scriptures has improved dramatically. I love study! Here is something I found by President Eyring.

The fellowship of the unashamed

I am part of the Fellowship Of The Unashamed.

The dye has been cast. I have stepped over the line. The decision has been made.

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I won't look back, let up, slow down, or be still.

My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, my future is secure.

I am finished and done with low living, small planning, smooth knees, colorless dreams, tamed visions, worldly talking, cheap giving, and dwarfed goals.

I no longer need pre-eminence, positions, promotions, plaudits, or popularity.

I don't have to be right, first, recognized, praised, regarded or rewarded.

I now live by faith, lean on his presence, walk with patience, am uplifted by prayer, and labor with power.

My face is set, my goal is heaven, my road is narrow, my way is rough, my companions are few, my guide is reliable, my mission is clear.

I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, divided or delayed.

I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of the adversary, negotiate at the table of the enemy, ponder at the pool of popularity, or meander in the maze of mediocrity.

I won't give up, shut up, or let up until i have stayed up, stored up, and paid up for the cause of Christ.

I must go till he comes, give till i drop, preach till I know, and work until he stops me.

And when he returns for his own, he will have no problem recognizing me.


- Henry B. Eyring

This church is true! I love you all so much. I'll talk to you on Wednesday or Thursday. Probably from a new area!

Love Elder Ford

1. Stockport district 2.0. (with president and sister preston)
2. Stockport bridge.
3. Macnchester City Football Club logo. ( we went to the team shop)
4. Denby lane! We walk down it almost daily!
5. Walking down Denby lane.