Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Another transfer has come and gone! Time is just flying by. 6 months of my
mission gone, just like that, and time just seems to be speeding up.
I'll be staying here in Preston for the next 6 weeks. My new companion
is... Elder Chan! He's from Hong Kong and speaks fluent mandarin and

We're going to be teaching loads of chinese people. The new semester
of school is about to start at the university and there will be a lot
of new students coming over from China. Elder Chan and I will be the
first ones to greet them. haha.

It sounds like everything is going great back home and that you're all
enjoying the summer. It's actually been quite cold recently. There is
no such thing as summer here in England.

Not much new has happened. Elder White and I had a fun transfer
together. We went through some pretty crazy times together so I feel
like we have a pretty good bond. We were able to laugh through it all.
Even when my wallet was stolen. No new updates on that. It's as good
as gone. Oh well...focus on what you can control.

I honestly can't believe how fast the time is going. 1/4 of the
mission! This transfer is going to be a very busy one too. Time flies
when you're teaching a lot of people. The chinese people are so great.
I've really learned to love them. I'm honestly considering learning
Mandarin when I get home. haha. "The field is Yellow and ready to
harvest." Hope everyone has a good week! Talk to you soon.

Love Elder Ford

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