Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi Everyone!
Preston is Exploding with Chinese! Things are really picking up here and doors are opening. In a few weeks we'll probably have all the people to teach that we can possibly handle. In only 4 days of the new transfer we've made incredible progress.
The last four days have been an adventure. On Saturday we had the ward Olympics where all the ward gathered together to play games. It was a good experience and we got to know a few of the ward members better. Other than that we've just been doing a lot of teaching!
The Chinese people we are teaching have only been in England for about a month, so their English needs a little bit of improvement. Most of the lesson is in Chinese so I mostly just sit there and smile. :) It's still fun though. Sometimes they have some pretty funny facial expressions.
Two of the people we were teaching even came to church on Sunday. They introduced us to 11 of their friends and we'll probably start teaching all of them in the next week! They all ask me all kinds of questions about America. It's pretty funny. 2 of the Chinese people's favorite things are Americans, and basketball. I told them last week that we're going to play basketball with them this week and they told all of their friends that they're going to play with an American basketball player. They said that they could probably get 10-15 more of their friends there! They think I'm in the N.B.A or something. It's pretty funny.
I'm becoming immersed in the Chinese culture. I'm learning a lot of Chinese words and phrases and eating proper Chinese food. I guess the Chinese food we have in America isn't really Chinese food. They set the food on the table and I was really confused. I asked, "Where is all the chicken with the sauce?". I was pretty much thinking it was going to be like Panda Express...not even close. haha. It's still pretty good though. The 23 pounds I lost in Stockport is slowly starting to come back. I'm getting REAL out of shape. The morning workouts are pretty much non-existent.
It sounds like it will be an Exciting week back home. The 24 of July is one of my favorite holidays. It's just like a second 4th of July! Sadly, I don't think any one will be celebrating it here. Make sure to eat a few burgers in my name. It'll be a fun week.
Well I love you all! I'm looking forward to here how everyones week went. Hope to talk to you soon!
Love Elder Ford
1) Ward olympics
2) Elder Chan
3) Me, Chen Shen, Elder Chan, and Wei Di. They are two of the Chinese members of the ward.
Love Elder Ford

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