Monday, July 2, 2012

Jun 11, 2012

Hello eveyone.

Hopefully you've all had a good week. Things are starting to pick up
here in Preston. We're just starting to figure out where everything is
so we don't feel as lost anymore.

It has been raining the entire weekend, harder than I've ever seen
before. We've come home every single night soaking wet a freezing
cold. The things you put up with as a missionary haha. My shoes are
already done. The insides are ripped to pieces so i'm going to have to
go look for some new ones today. 5 months out and already needing new

We had our first church meeting in Preston yesterday. I was shocked at
how small the ward was. Only about 40 people. The chapel didn't have
benches, only fold up chairs. I've never been in a ward so small in my
life. It was a really odd experience. It's definantly not the same as
back home.

Our hard work has paid off though. We were blessed with 3 new
investigators. Simon who we've met with twice. Also Jacky, and Rose.
They are two chineese students. Preston is usually a Chineese speaking
missionary area so there are a ton of Chineese students at the
University here. I'm going to have to pick up some chineese quick.

Luckily Elder White served with a Chineese companion for two transfers
so he knows a bit. We basically just hunt for people for different
countries. He goes after chineese and I go after africans. I've
learned a bit if Yoruba(tribal language in Nigeria) and there are a
lot of people who are Yoruba. They go crazy when you start speaking to
them in their language. Instant appointment. haha. We're learning a
bit of polish as well!

Hopefully everyone has a good week! Keep praying for the people here
in Preston. We need some miracles! Love you all!

Love, Elder Ford

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