Monday, July 2, 2012

June 18, 2012

Hi everyone

Today is my 5 month mark....that's crazy. I still feel like a brand
new missionary. Time is moving quickly. Hopefully everyone had a good
fathers day! It's a special day! Elder White and I have had a good
week. Things are moving along in Preston.

We had Preston Stake conference yesterday and it was really good.
Elder Marlin K. Jenson of the Seventy was there and spoke. He was
realy good! General Authorities are on a whole other level it seems
like. I learned a lot from what he said.

Nothing really excitign happened this week. We had our zone conference
on Wednesday. I got to see Elder Corbin and he is doing really well.
It seems like it was so long ago that we were back in Stockport. Those
were good times. I also have been Enjoying a wonderful package that
Mom and Dad sent. The Candy is alredy pretty much gone! I really
appreciated it though. Packages and letters make a missionaries day,
especially when the day gets rough.

We now have a few investigators who we are seeing quite regularly. Our
first is King(chineese). He is dated for the baptism of July 7th and
should have no problem making it for that day. He is a student at the
University in Preston. The only probleme is he's not sure if he is
going back to China at the end of June, or the end of July for the

We also have been teaching Jacky and Rose(chineese, and married!).
I've been able to speak a lot of chineese. It's pretty funny because I
sound ridiculous when I speak it. They just laugh at me. Jacky and
Rose are very prepared to learn about God. It's very different
teaching people who have no concept of God. It's been a learnig
experiece for me.

We've also been seeing Simon. He is...interesting haha. He says the
craziest things that have nothing to do with what we're talking about.
He thinks he's that head of a world-wide organization called "World
Community" where he makes laws that the entire world obeys. He calls
himself the Ultimate Supreme Governer(USG). haha. Sometimes i have to
put my head down in lessons bacause I can't control the laughter. In
one of his prayers he just started going off about random things and
starting talking about the Greek god Mercury, then he closed the
prayer in the name of Mercury. I had no idea how to react to that.
haha. In his last prayer he closed in the name of "the people" so he's
showing improvement.

Other than that it's been a whole lot of time trying to find people.
It's been far from easy. We've had some pretty long days. In the
pouring rain all day long trying to knock doors. It's been a bit of a
trial and test of faith at times but we just keep moving forward. This
next coming week will be a good one.

Hopefully everyone has a good upcoming week. You'll probably be
enjoying the warm weather. It's about the same as it's always been
here, very wet. ahha. I Hope to speak to everyone soon. I lvoe you!

Love Elder Ford

1-3) Our extremelly small flat. Not nearly as nice as Stockport.
4) 3 generations of missionaries Elder Corbin(my father/trainer), and
Elder Eliason(My grandfather/ Elder Corbin's trainer). We have a good

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