Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello everyone!

This week has been a week full of miracles. So many good things are
starting to happen. The work is moving like crazy!

I don't know if you remember, but a few weeks ago we were teaching a
family. Steve and Naomi. Well they kind of fell of the map for a
little while. We weren't able to go and teach them for a long time.
They are the ones who reffered themselves on Well, on
tuesday we finnaly were able to teach them with our Bishop. It was
amazing. We found out that she had been diagnosed with Lupis(still not
sure exactly what it is) and that's why we haven't been able to get a
hold of them. The lesson went great. They are rock solid for baptism
on Dec. 29! Steve will baptise his 8 yr old son a few weeks later as
well when he gets the priesthood. They are a miracle family. When we
walked out of the lesson our bishop said, "Elder Ford, I'm really
happy". "why is that" I said. " I just found my replacement." He is
convinced that Steve is going to be the next Bishop. They are suh a
great family. Naomi brought their 4 kids to church on sunday(8, 7, 2,
8 months) and they loved it. Steve hd work but will be coming every
week starting next.

It's seriously amazing how prepared they are. Bishop already committed
them to be sealed in the temple next December! They are making all
kinds of comments as well, like they want me to write them when I
leave the area, and they want to come to my wedding. haha.

Our other family that we are teaching is doing great as well(Dan and
Naomi). We've been super blessed to be teaching both families. It's
weird because the are the first 2 families that i've taught in my
entire mission. It's pretty lucky.

I also got the news that Brianne was pregnant! what?! haha. I was
pretty shocked even though I expected it a lot sooner. I'm happy for
them though. They're starting to get a pretty good line-up. haha.

Thigns are good with Elder Reali are good. I'm learning how to be
extremelly patient. haha. His English is improving loads though. He'll
be a great missionary.

We've got some exciting things coming up. Christmas party for our zone
at the mission home on Friday. We'll probably go to the temple grounds
sometime with Steve and Naomi and teach them a lesson there. We're
having a combined FHE with Bishop's and Steve and Naomi's family
tonight. It's an extremelly bust time of the year. Plus Christmas is
just round the corner. I'll probably be Skyping sometime on christmas
eve. Sometime between 4-8 in the evening here. not sure what time that
would be there. I'm looking forward to it though.

Well thank you for everything. Make sure to pray for all of our
investigators. They need the extra blessings. Talk to you next week.
Love you!

Love Elder Ford

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