Friday, August 9, 2013

Aug 5, 2013

Hey everyone,
Liverpool is great. It feels very different though, I haven't got quite used to the big city feel. The ward is probably one of the biggest in the mission as well. We currently have 8 full time missionaries in the ward just to give you an idea big the city is. We have 4 Chinese speaking sisters and 4 English speaking Elders. They're the highest baptizing ward in the mission as well. We're going through a bit of a rebuilding process in our area right now. There wasn't much going on but we're hitting the streets hard. The Liverpool Zone is one of the biggest in the mission as well. A total of 34 missionaries.
I'm trying to remember everything that's happened the last few days. Elder Walker and I travelled to Blackburn on Friday for a baptism. Elder Walker actually replaced me in Blackburn when I left so it was good for both of us to go back to a former area and visit for a few minutes with some of the people we taught and some of the members. Things have been hilarious with Elder Walker. He looks and acts like Chris Tucker from Rush Hour. haha. He has loads of faith and is super outgoing and good with people. We make a pretty good companionship and balance each other out pretty well. We both have pretty strong opinions about things so that can get pretty interesting at times. haha.
Good news though. God answers prayers because I found my camera! It was under the seat in the car somehow. Not sure how it got there. I'm really looking forward to this next week though. We're going to the British Pageant twice, we have mission leadership council, I'm going on exchange to Southport so I'll get to see Steve and Naomi! There will be big things this week. I know it! I love you all so much! Talk to you next week! Love ya!
Elder Ford
1. Elder Peterson, Elaine, and Robbie Donaldson, me, And the Bishop of Warrington ward. I didn't know the Bishop of Warrington but he decided to jump in the Picture. haha
2. Elders Palmer, Beard, Starley, and me. All in the same M.T.C group at transfer day.

I'll get some pictures of Liverpool this week.

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