Monday, May 21, 2012

May 9th Life with Elder Thomas

Hey everybody!

Sorry I didn't email on Monday. It was a bank holiday and everything was shut down for the day. Bank holidays are basically a day of for everyone for no specific reason, pretty lame. haha. Hopefully everything is going well for everyone.

Everything is going good for Elder Thomas and I. We're already getting used to each others personality and teaching style. It should be a really good transfer. We're pretty much starting fresh and focusing the majority of our time finding people. We've had a little bit of a drop off of people to teach in the last few weeks so We're going all over the place to try and find people. We even got kicked of a bus the other day for speaking to people. haha. It happens all the time. Some people just get so upset.

We've got a lot of good people that have a lot of potential to be really solid investigators but it's just a matter of finding a time to teach them. We're doing our best so it will all work out. This transfer is going to fly by, especially since it's only a 5 week transfer. That will probably be the end of my stay in Stockport. It'll be pretty weird moving into another area. Just when you get comfortable somewhere you move! haha That's missionary life, you're never comfortable. It can be the most uncomfortable thing sometimes just moving from seat to seat on the bus speaking to people. The person you'll try and speak to next already overheard what you were saying to the person before so they know you're coming for them. Sometimes it can be a pretty funny situation.

I got the news that Grandma isn't doing to good. Hopefully everything will be o.k. She's been in my prayers every night and it's good to know she's getting support from everyone.

Other than that not too much is different here. We had our mission wide sports day yesterday. We all gathered at the stake center and played sports all day long. it was so much fun. Playing American football and basketball. I was pretty rusty and our of shape though. It was frustrating haha. Elder Thomas and I are so sore today from it. haha Feels like i was hit with a hammer. I probably should start working out a little harder in the morning. haha it's been a struggle without the gym pass though. However the weight continues to fall off. Total weight loss, 23 pounds! I'm in danger of breaking into the 190's. Crazy! It's probably just the lack of fast food in my diet, something I plan on doing a lot of when i get home. Fast food is amazing.

I'm looking forward to speaking with the family on Saturday! It'll be interesting to be able to skype. Just email the Forsyths if you have any questions. It'll be best if you have a list of questions you want answered and I'll do my best to answer them.

Hopefully everyone has a good week. You'll be in my prayers. I miss you all but I'll speak to you soon. Love you all!!!

Love Elder Ford.  

Scripture of the week. Alma 5: 14, 26. The need for constant conversion.

1. The Manchester United jerseys. Looks like it should be framed

2. Shooting some hoops on p-day at the park.

3. Companion Unity

4. Stockport district 2.0

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