Monday, May 21, 2012

May 3rd Two Transfers Down

Hello everyone,

Two transfers are already gone. It's crazy! Time is flying by so quickly! I'm officially a trained missionary. haha. crazy crazy

I'll be staying in Stockport this next transfer. No surprised there. Elder Corbin is headed off to Bolton. He was pretty excited. My new companion is.....(drumroll) Elder Thomas. He's amazing. He's a professional soccer player from Belgium and a convert to the church. He played for the Belgium national team, then was taught and baptized by missionaries then a year later he was on a mission. He is going to teach me so much.

I'm taking this as a sign that i need to start enjoying soccer.ahah. He's going to need to teach me how to play. I also bought a Man. United jersey last week with my name and number on the back. haha. It looks quite i nice if i do say so myself.

It's going to be a little weird adjusting to a new companion but it'll be a really good learning experience. I'll be able to see how other missionaries are successful and learn from them.

Sadly I'll probably be leaving Stockport after this transfer. It's only a five week transfer this time as well so it'll go by very quickly. I could easily stay in Stockport for another transfer but I'll go where I'm called. I'll try and get some good pictures to send on Monday.

Other than that nothing much is new. Elder Thomas and I are just going to work hard to find, teach and baptize. That's what we do!!! haha.

I hope everyone has had a good week. I'll be emailing again on Monday.

Love you all

Love Elder Ford

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