Sunday, April 29, 2012

Skyler Tries on His Whites April 23rd

April 23 2012,


Me, Kaitlin, Sophie, Alicia (Girl The Forsyths taught), and Elder Corbin

I hope you've all had a good week. Mine has been "spot on" as they say here. The Baptismal service on Saturday went smoothly. It was such a good experience to be able to be a part of it. The three girls were just glowing all day. We had so many people show up to it that we had to move into the chapel because we couldn't fit everyone. There was loads of support.

It was definitely a humbling experience to be able to Baptize and then confirm someone( I baptized Kaitlin and confirmed Sophie). It's a really good feeling to feel the power of the priesthood working through you. Everything just went so well! ahah.

Kaitlin and I
We were able to finally contact Stephen. He said that he still wants to be baptized so we've moved his date to May 12th. Not sure if I'll even be here for it because transfers are next Wednesday. I'm not sure if I'll be leaving or staying but I'll most likely have a new companion now because Elder Corbin has been here three transfers. I'll be officially trained! haha. That seems so crazy to think about. I'm just starting to get used to Stockport! That's missionary life though, constant change. "Change is the Mother to Growth"

I had the Opportunity to go on another exchange with Elder Herrin. It was nice to be able to get out of the routine a bit and change things up. Sometimes things get a bit repetitive so exchanges are always good. I always learn so much from exchanges. it's nice to see how other missionaries do things and what kind of strengths they have. It gives you a good idea what to do for yourself.
Sophie and I

We've found a few new investigators that we're working with. So we'll still be staying pretty busy after the baptisms. Missionary work never stops! Stockport is still booming. Elder's Herrin and Webster, the other Elders in the Stockport ward have two people dated for baptism on the 5th May. We're all working hard and the Lord is really blessing us right now.

It's hard to believe I've been out over 3 months now. Time is going by very fast. From what the other missionaries tell me, it only goes quicker from here! My mission is already an 1/8 over. I'm really going to try and focus on making the best of everyday because 2 years really isn't that much time and you can't afford to waste a day. Keep praying for me and all the other missionaries. We all need your help.

Help the missionaries whenever you can. Offer to feed them, give them rides, offer to fellowship with them in lessons, open your home for them to teach investigators. Missionary work would practically cease without members, and it means so much to the missionaries when you help them out. If you sacrifice a little bit of time to help them YOU WILL BE BLESSED!

Just like in "Praise to the man",  it says "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven". We actually had a training on that not too long ago. We were asked " what can I sacrifice?". One question that caused some serious self evaluation for myself was " in what ways am i holding myself back from being fully consecrated and devoted". It really made me think. Then we set goals on the ways we would sacrifice, and better ourselves. It was another humbling experience. Missions are pretty good at humbling you. haha

Well I hope everyone has a good week. I look forward to giving you all the update about what's going on for the up and coming transfer. since I'm not sure where I'll end up mail everything to the mission office until i get the update. Hope to hear from you all soon! :)

Love Elder Ford


 Manchester United Stadium. Old Trafford. We went there last P day. I'm thinking about buying a jersey with my name and a nice 32 on the back haha.

I'm Developing into a chef. HAM FRIED RICE! haha. Who needs Panda Express.
In our baptismal whites!

Me, Kaitlin, Sophie, Alicia (Girl The Forsyths taught), and Elder Corbin 

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