Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mon Oct 22, 2012

Hello everybody!

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes, It's much appreciated. In
all honesty I forgot it was my birthday untill I was sitting at
church. haha. We've just been so busy. I even gave a talk in Sacrament
meeting on my birthday! We didn't have time to go anywhere for a
birthday dinner either. We'll hopefully find time this week though.
I'm looking forward to Thursday when i'll get this birthday package
i've been hearing so much about. I laughed when I heard that mom was
wearing her Manchester United jersey all day. She's not going to let
you all forget who her favorite child is. haha.

This week has been...interesting. A lot of very unique experiences. I
went on an exchange at the beggining of the week In Chorley with Elder
Osborn from Provo. Chorley is a bike area, one of the few in the
mission. There is a saying people always say that goes something like
"It's like riding a bike. You never forget how to do it." Well... I
think I came as close as you possibly can to forgetting. haha. I
almost killed myself on the ride home from the Chapel. We walked the
rest of the exchange.(Embarassing) Let's hope I'm never in a Bike

I also had a pretty funny experience on the exchange. We street
contacted a young lady who didn't really want to talk to us. She said
" I know who you are and what you believe". I said "OK, what do we
believe". She said "You believe that you came from some planet, you
have arranged marriages, and you're not allowed to eat chocolate." I
just started laughing. I asked her where in the world she heard that
and she said that it was just "common knowledge". It's funny how
misinformed people can be.

We met another man the day after who was from Norway. He said that he
was full viking and he believed in the almight thor. He was walking
his dog named wolf. He said that it was 3 quarters wolf, "so much wolf
that it should be illegal" haha. Then he started telling is about a
time he was in a field with his dog and he got down on his hands and
knees and yelled "Thor" then lightning starting striking all around
him. He said doesn't that mean that's an answer? Then he put his fist
to his head and yelled "Thor!". You meet all sorts of people here.
haha. It so much fun.

On a bit of a sad note. Elder Adair and watched a man die. no joke. We
got of the bus at the bus station and one of the drivers was just on
the ground with a few people standing around him. A few seconds later
an ambulance game and the starting doing C.P.R. Then they used the
shock pads. It went on for about 20 minutes. There was hundreds of
people just standing there watching. It was dead quiet. Then they just
stopped and slowly loaded him into the ambulance and left. Thank
goodness for the Plan of Salvation.

Like I said, It was a very eventful week. A lot of unique experinces.
I've been sick all week but i've been battling through it. I've got
got an amazing streak of about 7 straight months of not having to stay
in because of illness. I haven't been sick since my first few weels in
Stockport when I had the flu. I'm hoping the streak will continue my
entire mission. We'll though.

The People we're teaching are doing great. Haydon came to church on
Sunday and really enjoyed it. His baptism is on November 17. The last
weekend of the transfer. The could possibly be two or three baptisms
on that day but we'll see what happens.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes. It means a lot. I love you
all so much! The Gospel and the Church are true! Talk to you next

Love Elder Ford

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