Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mon Oct. 5, 2012

 hola mi familia!

 (To bad i'm not a chinese speaking missionary)

 The first week in Blackburn has been really good. I've come into an
 area where there is already a lot of good things happening. We saw a
 lot of miracles this last week as well. This transfer is probably
 going to be one of the busiest of my mission so far.

 We had the baptism of Sylvia Kenyon into the ward on friday. I only
 taught her once before the baptism but we're teaching her sister as
 well so i'll get a chance to get to know her a little better. I felt
 kind of like I was intruding a little bit being there. haha, but
 that's ok. The baptismal service was a big sucess and we saw a huge
 miracle there. We had one of our investigators there named Hayden. He
 has agreed to be baptised on the 17 of November but he still had a few
 doubts about whether it was right for him or not. At the Baptismal
 service there was a solo sung by a return sister missionary in the
 ward who served in the Salt Lake Mission. I talked to him after the service and he said that while she was singing he received a
confirmation to know that he needed to be baptized on the 17 and he
 now has no doubts...BOOM! I was pretty pumped.

 We also had another miracle this week. We're working with a
 less-active man named Mark and he is progressing very well. We were
 teaching him the other day and his ex-girlfriend of something(Not sure
 what the status is haha. We don't ask). was there. In the past she
 usually gets up and leaves when the missionaries come over. She did
 when we were there but she came back in after about five minutes and
 listened and we taught her. She comitted to be taught and accepted
 baptism. We went back to teach her last night and her 13 year old
 daughter was there and her 9 year old son. Now we're teaching all of
 them. It's amazing. This are just happening. I feel extremelly blessed
 because I know that I haven't really done anything to deserve the
 blessings...I'm not complaining though. haha.

 My first sunday here was very good as well. There are a lot of really
 solid members here. The ward is a little different though. haha, but I
 can tell that i'm going to grow to love them.

 We're in another really bad flat. haha. It's like Preston all over
 again. They're going to try and move us out by the end of the
 transfer. We have some pretty crazy Polish neighbors who like to party
 every single night of the week. The shower is pretty funny too. It's
 way worse than the one in Preston. It was only made to be a tub but
 the've fastened somoe kind of makeshift tube with a shower head on it.
 It's held up by a bungee cord tied around a hanger. The hanger is
 hooked onto an elastic workout band that is tied across the top of the
 curtain. You have to be really careful not to turn the water pressure
 to high because if you do the nozzle will explode off and send
 scalding hot water everywhere. (It's happened to me pretty much
 everytime haha). It's building some character. We're able to laugh
 about it though.

 It sounds like things are going great at home. October is the best
 month of the year. It's not the same here though. The leaves don't
 change as much. Everything just gets colder. We're already wearing
 jackets every day. Hopefully everyone isn't too mad at me for blowing
 everyone else's birthday present to mom with my gift. haha. I stil
 can't believe dad is bishop weird.

 We're going to have a very busy week this week so i should have more
 to say next week. Hope to hear from everyone real soon. :)

 Love Elder Ford


 1. Elder Adair and Sylvia at her baptism

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