Monday, November 26, 2012

Nov 21, 2012

mia famiglia, (its Italian)

Happy Thanksgiving! A new transfer is here! I'm going to be staying in
Blackburn and i'm training a new missionary! His name is Elder Reali
and he is from Sicily, Italy. Magnifico! haha. It's been a really busy
last week and a lot has happened.

Elder Adair and I are both stayng in Blackburn and we're both training
new missionaries so now Blackburn has four missionaries living
together in our brand new flat. It's pretty nice. I've had two of the
nicest flats in the mission and two of the worst. Everything evens out
I guess.

I'm going to learn a whole lot this transfer. Not only am I going to
have to try and teach a new missionary how to be a missionary but I'll
need to teach him English too. haha. He didn't know english before and
he was only in the England MTC for three weeks. It's already been an
experience. The english/Italian dictionary has been our 3rd
companion...and the spirit of course haha.

We had a really good thanksgiving today. We went to an elderly lady in
the ward named sister willianmson. She is one of my favorites in the
ward. I think it's because she reminds me so much of grandma ford. It
was a good teaching opportunity for Elder Reali as well.

All of our investigators are doing well. Haydon's baptism went very
smoothly and he is a great addition to the ward. Judith and Umesh's
baptism will be on the 1 of December. Elder Adair and i have just
split the teaching pool right down the middle to be fair. We've still
got plenty of people to find and teach.

All is well here. Working hard and doing my best. Everyone is starting
to get excited for Christmas. I'll offficialy start preparing now that
it's past thanksgiving. Love you all!

Love Elder Ford

P.S. Here is the new Address.

11 Gladstone Heights
15 Eagle Street

1. Crumpets and Pancakes
2. Haydon's baptism

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