Monday, November 12, 2012


This week was another crazy one. The weather is officially cold now and they're getting ready for Christmas here. The stores start getting ready for it as soon as it hits November. It's a shame the don't have Thanksgiving. One of the best holidays by far. Monday was a holliday called Guy Fawkes Night. I'm not sure what it's all about but we had to stay in the flat that night again just like we did for halloween. There is a lot of crazy drunk people out on the streets on the holidays haha.

A lot has been going on with the missionary work here in Blackburn. We're going to be having two baptisms this Saturday(Haydon and Umesh). We had a few miracles with each of them this week. Umesh has been investigating the church for 3 years. He comes to church every Sunday and has been taught all the lessons multiple times. He comes from a Hindu background and his father is very religious. He was afraid to tell his father that he wanted to be baptized because he thought he would throw him out of the house or something. We met his father this week. He said that he would support Umesh if he wanted to be baptized! After 3 years it's finally going to happen.

Haydon is also going to be baptized on Saturday as well. He came to church yesterday and had a lot of questions. We had a lesson in Gospel Principles class about temples and Family history. The lesson went a little too deep. haha. We had to take haydon into another class room and re-teach the lesson and answer all of his questions. It was a close call. haha. Members sometimes forget how new everything is to these people who are coming their first few times.

Judith, another person we've been teaching, is now going to be baptized on the 24th. Things are just moving! It really has nothing to do with us either. People are just coming up to us and asking us to come and teach them. Sometimes my mouth just hangs open because i'm so shocked! It's a great time to be in Blackburn. To make things even better we're probably going to be moving into our new flat this week too! It's super nice. No more pathetic showers. haha

Today is the last P-day of the transfer. it's hard to believe. I would imagine that i'll be staying here in Blackburn this transfer but we'll see. I hope everyone has a great week! Love you

Love Elder Ford

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