Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nov. 5, 2012

Hey everyone,

This have been busy as usual here. We still have so many things to do
and not enough hours to do them. We actually had a ton of things fall
through this week but we were still super busy.

Halloween was pretty lame. I dressed up as a "Mormon" haha. We only
were able to go out a proselyte for part of the day. We had to stay at
home during the night so I wasn't allowed to go trick-or-treating.
Halloween is not very big here. The isn't much of a kids holliday.
Just another reason to go down to the Pub. haha.

All of the people we are teaching are still doing really good. Haydon
is still at home down south so we haven't seen him all week. He's
coming back today though and we'll see him tommorow. He's still
preparing for baptism on the 17th. Another one of our investigators,
Umesh, is also going to be baptized on the 17th. He has been taught
for almost 3 years so it's taken quite a bit of work. They're both

Steve and Naomi( refferal) are still doing great. They're
really busy though. Steve has to work a lot so it's been tough to see
them more than once a week. We had a miracle at our teaching
appointment with them though. We've been trying really hard to make
sure that we have a member at every teaching appointment with them. We
called everyone and no one was able or willing to come out. We both
prayed that somehow we would be blessed with someone to come teaching
with us. We went throughout our day and we worked in their area for a
bit. 45 minutes before the lesson we got a call from our Elders quorom
president saying that his Presidency meeting had just been canceled
and that he could come out teaching with us! Prayer works. It's a

Steve and Naomi are going to do great things for the ward. Steve is
working sundays right now so he is trying his best to change his
schedule around. After that they should cruise to baptism.

This next week should be packed. A lot of lessons and our Zone
Conference with individual interviews with President Preston. This
week was one of those weeks that was just one big blur. It's hard to
believe it's monday again and i'm sitting in the library emailing.
haha. Time is flying by. The transfer hit the halfway point on

Well sorry the email is so short. It was one of those weeks haha. I
love you all so much. I'll be getting the pacakge and post one
thursday at the zone conference. I'm looking forward to it! I hope
your week is "spot on". Love ya

Elder Ford

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