Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hey everyone,
It's been a freezing cold and eventful week here. It was snowing pretty good earlier in the week and there was a ton of ice. England is not equipped for the snow so when it hits everything shuts down. Buses stop running trains are cancelled, Church activities cancelled. It's crazy, only a few inches of snow and every one panics. haha.
I had a pretty funny experience on Monday. I noticed that my shoes were starting to split on our way to a meal appointment Monday night and my feet were completely soaked. When we got to the members house they saw me looking at it as I was taking of my shoes. When the wife noticed it she was determined that I wasn't going out like that and that they were going to buy me shoes. After the appointment we got in the car and they were going to drop us off but she drove us to the store parking lot and told me I didn't have a choice. She was going to buy me shoes. It was very kind of them and it's a good memory now.
I had an exchange with Elder Barth this week in a town called Rawtenstall. It's a very small town and is surrounded by hills. This is my third exchange with Elder Barth so far in my mission so it feels almost like I've served with him. I think we honestly could serve together in the future, we'll see though. We saw loads of success throughout the entire exchange.
In Blackburn we've found some really good people as well. Last night we taught a man named Alan and he committed to be baptized in February. He seems really good and we're seeing him again next Tuesday. Steve and Noami are doing really good as well. We're going to there house for family night tonight. We're having pizza and watching the Testaments D.V.D. Steve and Naomi are going to be speaking at the mission home fireside this Sunday as well! We've set up loads of appointments with some really promising people for this week too. It should be a really good week. For some reason last week I thought it was Sports Day. It wasn't. haha. It's this Thursday. REAL excited for that.
I'm feeling pretty good right now about everything. I feel like I've got a pretty good hold on missionary life. I've been learning a lot these past few weeks as well so I feel I'm still progressing. We're teaching people with some really good potential. I've been in Blackburn for awhile now so I feel like I know the area and I've formed some really good friendships with the ward members. I could stay in Blackburn for awhile. Things are good here.
Well I hope everyone has a good week. Sorry the e-mail is a bit short. We're having a hectic day. Our ceiling started leaking so we have to hurry home and wait for a plumber...missionary life. Love you!
Love Elder Ford

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