Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hey Everyone,

Another good week in Blackburn. We saw a lot of miracles in just a few
short days! Naomi and Macauley were confirmed on Sunday (Such a
relief!). Elder Reali did Naomi's confirmation and he did it in
perfect English. He is gaining more and more confidence everyday.

Steve and Naomi are doing great. Steve was interviewed for the
Priesthood and will get it next sunday. Naomi was asked at church if
she'd feel comfortable teaching the lessons in Relief Society
sometimes! They're so solid. On Saturday we went on a Temple Tour with
them and Brother Cook from the Chorley High Council. They loved it.
They got first class treatment. President Walker gave them a personal
tour of the MTC (They really loved that) and the two kids kept asking
when they can go on missions. We also got special permission to go on
the temple grounds because brother cook knows the security people
there(Since it was closed). It was such an amazing experience, Steve
keeps asking me all these questions about the temple that he knows I
can't answer, like "now that I'm a member of the club do I get to know
more about it" haha. All I say is "In time". They're looking forward
to going there in a year.

We saw some other really good miracles. On suday a former member of
the Bishopric and his wife, the old Relief society president came to
church for the first time in 9 months. We're trying to see them
regularly. They'll be a great strength to the ward.

Umesh also passed the Sacrament for the first time on Sunday! He was
pretty excited. Ian( an less-active we taught) got up a bore such a
strong testimony, one of the strongest i've heard in awhile. So many
good things are happening.

Now we're looking for more people to teach. All of our investigators
have been Baptized! Not a bad thing though. If any one knows any one
in Blackburn, let me know. I actualy met someone on the street the
other day who lived in Orem for 24 years. That was a pretty weird
experience. He was like "are you mormons? I love Mormons!" haha. Small
world. You could tell he lived in happy valley. haha.

I'm looking forward to this new year of missionary work. The last one
was so good. I had so many experiences and have met so many people
that have changed my life forever. Who knows what this next year will
hold. Thank you for all the love, support, and prayers. I FEEL THEM! I
love you all!

Love Elder Ford

1. Elder Reali. waiting at a random train stop trying to catch a train
to get home on time because we missed our bus.
2. at the temple. It just looks right doesn't it?
3. At the temlpe!

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