Wednesday, February 13, 2013


hey everyone,

It's been a super busy week. It's hard to believe it's monday again.
Today is the last P day of this transfer! Transfers are on February
13th and I think I'll probably be moving. Who knows though. It'll be
tough leavin Blackburn. I've made a lot of really great friends here.
I think my time here is probably up though. We'll see. You'll find out
next time I email.

I went on another exchange this week to Rawtenstall with Elder
Mapfumo. It was pretty fun to be able to work in a new area with a new
person. Exchanges are great because it helps you to get out of the
routine. We travalled together to our mission sports day in
Manchester. We litterally just played sports all day. Basketball all
morning then American Football in the afternoon. It reminded me how
out of shape I am. I really felt it the next morning. It was the first
time I'd picked up a basketball in about 6 months! The rust
dissappeared pretty quickly though. I'll never lose my stroke :)

Elder Reali wasn't feeling to well at the end of the week. He was
soming down with a bit of the flu so I had to spend a bit of time in
the flat. I just cleaned and worked in the Area Book. I went on a mini
exchange with Elder Adair on Saturday just because we had so many
appointments and we couldn't afford to cancel them. It was a bit
different working with a former companion. You can see how quickly
they've grown in just two transfers.

Sunday was a great day as well. We had 6 tottal hours of church
meetings! It was great. Alan came to church and is dated for baptism
on the 23rd. He is loving it so much. Yesterday in gospel principles
class the teacher asked for an opening prayer and Alan immediately
just started praying. No one was ready for it haha. He came to the
misson home fireside as well. Steve and Naomi were sick so they
couldn't come. I got to talk to Elder Corbin and Elder Herrin there
though. They go home in 10 days. That's so weird to me, It makes me
feel old because when I came into the mission they were both at the
exact same point that I'm at right now. Time goes too fast

I'm looking forward to what this next transfer will bring. Who knows
where I'll be or who I'll be with. It'll be the right place for me
though. Thanks for all the love. Talk to you next week!

love, Elder Ford

P.S. The mission office address changed. It's still in the same place
but the changed the postal code. here is the new one.

Elder Skyler Ford
England Manchester Mission
Spring Wood, Suite G5
Chelford Road
Knutsford, Cheshire
WA16 8GS

Send all post for this next week there because I might be leaving.

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