Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dec 3, 2012

Hey everyone,

This week has been a good one. It's not every week there is two
baptisms happening. The Baptisms of Umesh and Judith went great.

Not sure really were to start. This week was one of those weeks were I
really have no idea what happened. We're seeing some really good
things happening in Blackburn. Now that we have four Elders we're able
to do a lot more work. President Preston also gave us and the ward a
challenge. He said that if we can baptize 4 more people by the end of
the year, he'll put a set of sister missionaries in next transfer. Our
bishop was super excited about that. He said we love the Elders but
it's just not the same. haha. We've got a lot of work to do.

We're teaching some really good people. One of our families, Dan &
Naomi are doing really well. We were able to teach them this week with
our Bishop. Dan came to church on Sunday and brought his 5 year old
daughter. She loved primary! we're hoping to get the whole family
there next Sunday.

We had our temple zone conference and a Holiday meal as well. I wish
we could go to the temple more as missionaries. It such a great place.
We ate a thanksgiving meal in the cafeteria after. It was a nice
re-charge. I've been getting pretty stressed lately. I've got a lot
more to worry about now.

Everyone here is getting really excited for Christmas. It's still not
as big as in America though. We do holidays right. haha. I've been
telling everyone how dad always makes our house look like Clark
Griswald's from Christmas Vacation. haha. We're waiting for our
packages to come so we can put them under our mini-tree!

Elder Reali is doing great. The English is coming along. I've decided
I don't want to be an English teacher though. He'll ask me why you say
things a certain way and I can't explain it. Being with a new
missionary we do a lot more study. We have an extra hour for companion
study and an extra hour of language study. We're studying A LOT. It's
helping him a lot though.

Nothing else really has been going on. haha. I don't remember this
week at all. I can't believe mom got a grand piano though. I'd rather
have cable t.v or a hot tub. pretty lame. Better keep the kids far
away from it though. She'll be ruthless in protecting it. haha.(love
you mom)

Things are good here. Working hard and I can't believe it's already
December! Time flies. Love you all and I hope you have a good week!

Love Elder Ford

1. Umesh
2. Judith
3. Fish head (African Food)
4. elder Adiar and I at the temple, facebook style.

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