Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 13, 2013

Hey everyone!

A new transfer is here! I'm going to be staying in Newastle for a 3rd transfer! No suprises there though. My new companion is Elder Palmer. He's in my same M.T.C group and he is from Snowflake, Arizona. He's the 4th person in my same M.T.C group that I've served with now so it's pretty fun. Transfer meeting yesterday was pretty crazy. Elder Leimgrub was pretty sad to go and we got loads of new missionaries, 28 came in just yesterday. The mission is changing loads. Half of the missionaries here I've never even seen before! haha.

We've been crazy busy these last few days. It seems like we've been driving up and down the mission. We've been able to get a lot of things done though. Our area is still doing great. Lisa is all set for her wedding on the 22nd and her baptism on the 29th. She's getting pretty nervous but it should be exciting. We've got a few other really good people that we're teaching as well, Margaret, and Steve. We've been pretty blessed this last transfer to have people fall into our laps who were ready to listen.

I learned loads last week...too much to try and put in an email. haha. We had a really good mission leadership council that taught me a lot about how to effectively lead. Other than that...My brain is pretty fried. haha. Hopefully my email will be better next week. haha. Sorry. Love ya!

Elder Ford

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