Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 3, 2013

Hey everyone!

Another transfer has already almost come and gone. This is ridiculous. Elder Leimgrub goes home in a week and a half! We don't talk about it much though. I don't let him. haha. We're staying focused and working hard. We were able to spend a lot of time in the sun doing service for some investigators and members. We did some proper landscaping at a members house and I was ridiculously sore the next morning...I've officially gone soft. haha. Not good. I'm working on it though.

We've seen some huge progress in our area. We finalized Lisa's wedding and Baptismal dates! She'll be getting married on the 22nd of Juneand then baptized the following Saturday. She's excited but a bit nervous. We have another person we're teaching who is really progressing as well. Her name is Margaret and she is from Scotland. She has a hardcore Scottish accent so It can be a bit difficult to understand her at times. It can be pretty funny when she asks a question to Elder Leimgrub and I and we just stare at her with blank looks on our faces and just nod our heads. haha.

I went on exchange this week to the Chinese area in our zone this week. It was so much fun and brought back so many good memories. The Chinese people are amazing. Religion is a totally new concept to them so they are all really willing to talk and listen. They are really committed as well. It's a completely different type of missionary work though because you pretty much spend the entire day at the university teaching people the same age as you. It's pretty fun though. I'd do it again.

We had a super late night this week, at least it seemed pretty late to me. There was this huge Chinese activity that they were putting on in Liverpool for all of the Chinese investigators and members. We had to give a few of the missionaries a lift home from it. Long story short the activity got over way late and we didn't end up getting home until midnight....I don't ever remember being so tired in my life. It used to be so easy staying up that late but when you're conditioned to go to bed at 10 30 every night it that hour and half makes all the difference in the world. I'll catch up though.

We went to the mission home fireside last night and I saw a few of the people I was able to teach in some other areas. The mom in one of the families I was teaching in St. Helens was there and she ran up to me and told me that she was getting baptized next month. It was pretty exciting. There's just been a lot of good news lately!

Well I hope everyone has a good week. I'll probably be emailing again next Wednesday or Thursday because of transfers. Speak to you then!

Love Elder Ford

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