Tuesday, June 18, 2013

May 28, 2013

Hey everyone,

Sorry i didn't get to email yesterday. It was the late spring bank Holiday and everything was closed down. Bank holidays are pretty random. Just an excuse for no one to have to go into work. haha. It was another busy week with a few exchanges.

I got to leave the country for awhile to go on exchange in Newtown which is in Wales. Still in Great Britain but it's not England. It was completely different to the rest of the area I've been in. A lot of countryside. I think there were more sheep in that area than people. It was a great experience though. I got to work with Elder Kunzler who is someone that I lived with for two transfer when I was in Blackburn. 4 man flats are the best.

I got to work with Elder Palmer this week who is someone that is in my same M.T.C group. It was so much fun. It's amazing to see just how far my group has come in the last year and a half. Everyone is so much different and a lot more mature. Thinking back to all the things we talked about in the M.T.C and all the really immature things we did....ahah. Everyone has grown up a lot.

I decided to go back to the basics this week in my studies and I studied all about faith. It's something I feel I can improve on greatly. I was able to use the faith I did have this week and some good things happened. We found some prepared people. We met a lady named Margaret who is originally from Scotland. She met with missionaries when she was 17 and was going to be baptized but she moved away. It was so much fun to teach her. Her accent is the best! When I was told I was going to be speaking English as a missionary I wasn't to worried about understanding people. Scottish might be one of the hardest accents to understand. I just sat there with a blank look on my face a few times. The U.K is such a small little island but everyone inch of it is so different and diverse. If you drive for 20 minutes you get a completely different accent, culture, and history. That's why I love it though. We've been doing some pretty fun things for our P-days. Last p-day we went to this super old church and abbey that was built in 1050! It's pretty much in ruins now but it was still pretty cool to see all of it. Yesterday we went to this museum. I'm learning even more about Britain!

The transfer is winding down to a close. Only two more weeks. Next P-day is already the last one of the transfer. It'll be Elder Leimgrub's last p-day! He's still working hard and staying focused even though he only has two weeks left. I'd imagine that I'll probably be staying here for another transfer since my companion will be going home but you never know. It'll be another good week this week. More exchanges. I'll try and remember more of the details so my emails can be a bit more interesting. haha. Sorry. Love you all!

Elder Ford

1. Me at the abbey
2. Elder Leimgrub and I at the abbey
3. Just laying in a tomb... no big deal

1. Elder Leimgrub and I at Zone Conference
2. Bananas in pajamas and Thomas the Train.
3. We ran out of food this week so my Sunday dinner was a bowl full of vegetables. It was actually really good. haha.

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