Tuesday, June 18, 2013

May 13, 2013

Hey everyone,

It was so good to see everyone yesterday! The kids have gotten so big!..Brianne too. haha. Other than that everything seems pretty much the same. It doesn't seem like that much has changed in the last year and a half. It was good to see that everyone is doing well though.

It was another busy week. We go on loads of exchanges (two a week) Elder Leimgrub and I are hardly together it seems. I was back in Manchester early last week with one of the Assistants Elder Reynolds. I love Manchester so much. It's so busy and it makes missionary super fun. We had to drive down to Shrewsbury for another exchange this weekend. It was about an hour and ten minute drive one way. We have a pretty big zone. Things are going pretty well with the people we're teaching. We're now teaching a woman from the Phillipines who seems really good so we'll see what happens there.

Recently we got trained on how to use family history work to find people to teach. The mission has been putting a bid emphasis on using it. I was looking through some of the family history things that Mom gave to me to take out here. I really learned a lot about our ancestors who left England. Our great great great Grandpa Richard Godrey was raised about a 40 minute drive from where I am right now. I found a really good poem that he wrote when he was getting ready to leave England for America

Farewell my former friends, Farewell, Since you have proved unkind
Although you persecute me, You cannot change my mind.

I've set my heart to serve the Lord, Whatever may oppose.
Though all the world deride me, Though all my friends turn foes

Through Babylon's disillusion, I've spent my early years,
And practiced her religion, Through constant doubt and fears

But now I've found the gospel, Joy through my heart doth flow
Gods message of salvation, With certainty I know.

To hear the holy priesthood, Deep mysteries unfold.
The past explains the future, As prophets did of old.

And feel the Spirit's witness, That what they say is true.
Gives me the power to bid, My friends and Babylon adieu.

And while the wicked murmur, And still more wicked grow.
The glories of affection, Will monarchies o'er throw.

The ocean will the mighty fleets, of Babylon devour
And wealth for ages heaped on wealth, Shall perish in an hour

As direful scourges waste the earth, The Lord will seperate.
The wicked and his people,  Whose blessings will be great.

We'll build a temple for him, To which he will come down
And with Celestial bodies, The saints salvation crown.

And all the saints are gathering, with this great end in view.
But hypocrites will linger, and hope it is not true.

The Spirit bids me leave this land, so joyfully I'll sing.
The saints shall be my kindred, and Christ shall be my King.

I though this was pretty good. It's pretty amazing that I've been sent back to the same country our parents left. It's a privelge. Thanks for everything you all do for me. I love you all!

Love Elder Ford

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