Monday, August 5, 2013

Hi everybody,
I can't believe it's July... This is insane. It was another great(And very quick) week. Things are going super well with Elder Palmer and myself. The work is starting to snowball now. We're just getting ready to go along for the ride!
We had Lisa's baptism and confirmation this weekend. It went so well and there was a lot of miracles that happened because of it. Elder Sutton and I both were in the font to perform the baptism because she was REALLY scared of water. We she was coming up out of the water she let out a huge yell and just started saying "That was horrible! That was horrible"...Super spiritual. haha. I was making fun of her afterwards that it was more like an exorcism than a baptism and the yell was just her demons leaving her. haha. I confirmed her the following day and it went great.
There was so great things that happened at the baptism though. She had a friend there who was really going through a hard time and she ended up having loads of questions to ask us. We taught her in the hallway for almost 30 minutes after the baptism. Lisa's husband, Allen, went into the chapel by himself after the baptism and just sat there on his own for 5 mintues. He said that he started to feel some feelings that he didn't really understand and that kind of scared him so he walked out of the chapel. He went back into the chapel a few minutes later to see if the same thing happened at it did. He now wants to be baptized and he has a baptismal date for August 3rd! Miracles.
We had our temple zone conference on Tuesday as well which was an all day things. We're pretty lucky to be able to have a temple in our mission. We were the farthest zone away from the temple so it was a bit of a drive but defitely worth it. I got a lot of answers to some questions I had. Plus we had our individual interviews with President Preston this week and he gave me tons of good advice. Just such a good spiritually upifiting week. They had "The Work of Salvation" broadcast last night as well. So many changes. Elder Palmer and I don't think the changes will affect us too much. President Preston doesn;t think our mission wil be authorized to use them until next year. No Ipad for me :( oh well though. haha. Other than that it's just been loads of exchanges. We have 8 new misisonaries in our zone so they've kept us pretty busy. Trying to squeeze 9 exchanges into 6 weeks can be hard. Elder Palmer and I feel like we've hardly served together. haha. We only have one this week so that'll be nice.
Hope everyone has an amazing week. Love you all so much!
Elder Ford
1. Elder Palmer and I at the croxteth abbey
2. Lisa's baptism.

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