Friday, August 9, 2013

July 25, 2013

Hey everyone!
Transfers have come and gone! I've left Newcastle and I've been transferred to the Liverpool zone to serve in Liverpool! My new companion is Elder Walker. I'm pretty excited to be here. I've wanted to serve in Liverpool my entire mission. It's a big city, just a bit smaller than Manchester. It's right the west coast of the country. Most of the pioneers who left from England sailed from the Liverpool docks. There is loads of history here. This is where "The Beatles" are from as well. The Liverpool accent is by far the best in all of England. So funny!
I'm going to enjoy serving with Elder Walker. He's from Savannah, Georgia. He's been a member of the church for just over two years. He ran for BYU's track team and was the fastest person is the U.S under the age of 20. He raced for team U.S.A is well. My companion is an olympic runner! I told him I would give him a run for his money though. haha.
This past week has literally been insane! So many things have happened. I travelled to see the baptism of Elaine who I taught while I was in St. Helens. It was such a good service. She's got such a good support network with the Ward as well. No worries with her. The last week with Elder Beard was a lot of fun as well. It brought back a lot of memories. It was pretty sad to see him go. The last few days have been hilarious though. We drove down tuesday night to drop luggage off for transfers and as soon as we dropped it off we had to go to the mission home. We dropped the luggage off got in the car and....the car wouldn't start. Broken down on the bussiest day of the month. So we ended up running around everywhere and shuffling cars untill the next day. Plus, I lost my camera on the coach to Liverpool. A year and a half of pictures gone :(. Hopefully someone finds it.
We got some big news last week as well. On the 8th of August Jeffrey R. Holland, Russel M. Nelson, and some seventies are coming to the mission and we're having a full mission conference in Manchester. It'll be so good! They're coming over here for the British Pageant that will be running for a few weeks starting on the 31 of this month. That should be really good as well. We're already planning going to that with a few peolple we're teaching.
I think that this transfer is going to be really different. I'm back in a big city, in a new zone with loads of missionaries I've never served around before, and we're not teaching very many people right now. It'll be a really good growing experience because I was getting too comfortable in Newcastle. Things were going too well there. haha.
Well thanks so much for everything. I love you all. Pray that I find my camera so I can send some more puctures. Talk to you on Monday!
Love Elder Ford

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