Sunday, November 24, 2013

Aug 19, 2013

Hey everyone,

My goodness I don't even know what happened this last week. My brain is absolutely fried! haha. We did have some pretty great experiences though. Elder Walker and I haven't really beed together all week. We had a few exchanges back to back. I was in Liverpool on exchange with another missionary and when that was over we drove to pick him up. The we drove to the next place we were exchanging and he dropped me off. We really only spent saturday together. haha. Pretty weird. With all the exchanges it seems like you only spend 3 weeks with your actual companion in the 6 week transfer.

Some really good things are happening here in our area. I'm still trying to get used to the massive city. It's so big and the ward is so big that you could be here forever and still not no anyone or where you even are in hte city. We have another dated investigator now though. Her name is Shannon and she is dated for 14 of September. She part of a part member family so it's a really good situation. It's been really fun teaching her so far. We had another great experience while doing work out in the rain. Since being a missionary it's been a bit hard to trust people's intentions when you first meet them. You set up appointments, they fall through, and sometimes people tell the most ridiculous lies. But something happened to us this week to help Elder Walker and I know that there are genuinly good people still. We were working out in the pouring rain and we knocked on a lady named Jenny's door. She wasn;t interested. We went a few doors down and Jenny came back out side a shouted at us to come back. We weren'e wearing jackets or anything so we were getting soaked(We thought people would have pity for us and let us in :) ) She randomly gave us an umbrella and told us to keep it. 10 minutes later when we were at the opposite end of the street she drove past us and handed us another umbrella out the car window. She drove around looking for us just to give us another umbrella. I was pretty shocked to be honest. haha

We're looking forward to this week. We're going on a church history tour as a mission so that should be pretty fun. Thanks for everything love you!

Elder Ford

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