Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sept 16, 2013

hi everyone,

Another week gone. The first full week of the transfer has flown by. We had a lot of fun and we were kept pretty busy all week.

We had zone trainings on Tuesday. President Preston asked us to focus the entire meeting on the power of words and the impact that they can have. Elder Duran and I struggled for a few days trying to decide which direction we wanted to take the meeting. We received some last minute inspiration that worked out pretty well. We prayerfully selected a few missionaries in the zone who we knew really well, then Elder Duran and I made up some rumours about that missionary. While we were doing on activity at the meeting we pulled these missionaries out of the room one by one and told them about what "other missionaries had told us". Some of them were really confused, others were upset. After we we talked to them we gathered everyone back together and told all them missionaries who we had pulled out that the things we had told them were lies. They were like "No way?!" I got the point across for sure. Gossip is destructive.

That was probably the most eventful thing this week. Went on another few exchanges as well. We had a ward Activity on Saturday as well that we were able to take some of the people we are teaching to. That was pretty fun. Other than that it was a pretty standard week. A lot of teaching, A lot of finding.

This next week is going to be crazy busy. Zone conference, meeting with the Stake president, meeting at the mission home, Baptism of someone I taught in a former area, and a massive mission wide Chinese activity here in Liverpool. I'll hardly have time to think but I love weeks like this. All is well here in Liverpool. Love you all so much!

Love Elder Ford

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