Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sept 30, 2013

Hello everyone!
Another week has come and gone. They're starting to go crazy fast. There are only two weeks left in this transfer but it feels like we just started. Things are going well for us though. This upcoming week is going to be a lot of fun. We're hopping on a ferry Tuesday and heading to the Isle of Man for 3 days to go and work with the Elders there. I'm pretty excited because it's probably the most coveted area in the mission. Every wants to go there and we're lucky enough to be able to. There are 2 companionships so I'll be working with one while Elder Duran works with the others. We'll have meetings all day fridayand Saturday plus General conference! It's just as good as Christmas.
We had a super fun P-day last week. We went on a tour of Liverpool with the entire zone. We saw all the Beatles sites, all the historical sites, and all of the church sites. There is so much iin Liverpool to see. It's a lot of fun here. I'm starting to feel more at home here. It was a little tough getting used to Liverpool at first. I think because I loved Newcastle so much it made it hard to adjust to Liverpool, but after almost 10 weeks, I'm getting used to it. haha. It's taken awhile.
We had some good progress in our area this week. We have loads of people to teach right now but it all seems a bit stagnant. We feel really bad because we've been really busy with so much other stuff we haven't really been able to give each of them the attention they deserve. It's mostly on us and our lack of getting the ward involved though. We had some big progress with one young man named Rikesh. He is 16 and was supposed to be baptized last transfer. His dad gave her permission and everything, but then an hour before the baptism his dad decided he didn't want him to get baptized any more. It was pretty devastating. He is amazing though! He comes to church and youth night every week, and he even goes to early morning seminary every day! He goes to all of the youth dances as well. He's pretty much a member. We decided that we are really going to focus on his dad but he's never really home. We went to the cafe he owns and just talked with him for awhile about how he felt. It helped loads! Plus he gave us discounted food :). We're going back agian this week so we'll see what happens.
We've been blessed with quite a few solid Mormon.org refferals this week too. They are people who go on the church's website and ask for missionaries to come around. They are usually pretty rare for us but we've gotten 4 in the last week. We've already taught a few of them and they are super solid. They're from Iran and want to convert to Christianity. The work is going well.
Other than that, things are pretty much the same. We get up every morning and work. Not much else to tell you. haha. I love you all so much. Thanks for everything.
Love Elder Ford
1. The River Mersey. Where the saints left England.
2. Cloudy Liverpool Skyline.

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