Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oct 23, 2013

Hey everyone,

It's been pretty busy lately. We started specialized trainings this week and they go one for the next two weeks. We'll be travelling to all of them to give trainings so that'll keep us really busy. Other than that not too much has happened this week. We've just been cooped up in the mission office preparing for our trainings and stuff. Not very much fun. I'll get to go on exchange back to Liverpool this week though so I'm really looking forward to that.

I had a pretty fun birthday. It's hard to believe I'm already 21! Thanks to everyone who sent all the birthday wishes. We were stuck in the mission office for most of the day but we travelled down to Newcastle to go have a meal with Sam Wiles. Definitely worth it.

This We've spent a few days this week in the Chester zone which is mostly in wales. We were asked to give a training and how to be a member missionary for the Priesthood leadership session of stake conference. Other than that this week was pretty non eventful. haha. super boring I know. I'll have more info next week. Love you all loads!

Elder Ford

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