Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello family and friends!

How is everyone doing! Things have been going great here in Stockport. The work is moving along! This week has had a lot of different things going on!

I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with one of the assistants to the President. It was amazing. It honestly changed my entire mission! He took diligence to a new level i didn't even think was possible! We would knock on a door, he would hear a car door slam a hundred yards away and i would turn around and he was already sprinting to go talk to that person. haha. In these last two months i think I've ran more in dress shoes than i ever did in basketball shoes. We're constantly running to be places on time as well. He set such a good example for me and taught me some very valuable lessons.

I got to teach herman again while i was with him too! he's doing so great! He scheduled for baptism in a few weeks!

I got to go on an exchange with Elder Webster this week too. He was in my same mtc group so we had to brand new missionaries out together. haha. luckily we had quite a few service project already scheduled so we didn't get lost. haha that was quite the experience

We've continued working with Stephen. We pushed his baptism date back to the 24 because he's struggling to grasp some of the concepts we're teaching. it's something that's a bit foreign to him. we've taught him the Word of Wisdom and the law of chastity this week and he responded well to both of them. He really wants to be baptized! We're making sure he wants to be baptized for the right reasons and not just because he likes us. haha always calls us up wanting to know if we want to go catch a movie. He's told us quite a few times that we should be prophets haha. After he says that we go into a discussion about what a prophet is. haha :). we've had that conversation quite a few times. You just never know what he's going to say. It's hilarious.

I remember before i left on my mission and at the mtc i was concerned i was going to get fat... let's just say that's no longer a concern haha. at the mtc i weighed myself and i weighed 226. I got the chance to weight myself earlier this week and i weighed 212! I've lost 14 pounds just since I've left the MTC! I was wearing a suit when i weighed myself too! What the.... haha

We had a great turnout at church on sunday too. We had 4 less actives show up plus the investigators for both companionship's. Our gospel principles class was as full as it could be. Next week they're probably going to move us into a bigger room! haha BOOM! Hopefully we can get even more to show up next week! If we could get all of the less actives in the ward to show up we would double our sacrament meeting attendance. It's something we're really focusing on.

We've got Training Camp coming up this week on Wednesday which I'm pretty excited for. Never can have too much training. We'll also get our mail and packages that were sent to the mission office. Rumor has it that mom and dad sent me a quality size package. haha I'm really looking forward to it. Mail is the best!

Not much else going on out here. Just going day to day and trying to do my best. it's hard to believe my first transfer as a missionary is almost over. Our transfer day is next Wednesday. i won't be moving but on transfer weeks our Preparation days are moved to Wednesdays instead of Mondays. So I'll be emailing next Wednesday

I miss and love you all very much! I pray for you everyday! Keep me updated with everything that's going on

Love Elder Ford!

Elder Webster and I doing some power washing for a member.
I fell asleep during our nightly companion prayer so Elder Corbin decided to take a picture! haha. I was out of it.

A view just outside our flat on the main road in stockport.

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