Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two Months in Stockport

March 21 2012,

I Can't believe it's already been two months and that i've already completed my first full transfer! Time is flying. I hope everyone has had an amazing week. All is well in Stockport :)

We were able to have our missionary training camp for all the new missionaries last wednesday. It was so good! We were able to learn and develop a lot of important tools in missionary work that we use every day. We also talked a lot about our mission rules. Our mission is what you could say is a strict mission. It expects a lot out of it's missionaries and i'm so grateful for that. Our mission puts a lot of emphasis on "becoming" a Christlike missionary. We also stress "EXACT obedience and that we're not only obedient the rules, but that we're obedient to our covenants. We made a promise that we'd give it all that we have and so i'm doing my best to live up to that. We're challenged to become a Full-time missionary, not a Fill-time missionary. I can already see the impact that my mission will have on me in the future.

I learned so much from training camp. They didnt gives us any mail though so no packages or letters :( . I should get it this next wednesday at our zone conference so i'm looking forward to that! Mail is the best!

I was able to go on an exchange with the zone leaders last week. i went into there area and worked there for a day. it was a very different experience because he's Chinese speaking! haha none of the people we taught could understand me so he had to translate. haha it was pretty funny. there are so many different cultures here. Extremely diverse

On the 18th it was English mothers day so..... HAPPY MOTHER DAY! haha

Things have been progressing with Stephen. We've moved his baptismal date back to the 7th of april to make sure that he's ready. He's made so much progress in just the last few days though. i'm confident he'll get there. We also seen an increase in new investigators. last sunday Shwan attended church with us and we are in the beginning of the teaching process with him.

The other stockport elders will be having a baptism this saturday so we're excited about that. It's been awhile since this area has seen a baptism. we should have a great turnout with members and with our investigators.

Transfers came and went, no new changes. i'll be in Stockport for at least another six weeks which i'm happy about. i'm jsut starting to get familiar with the area and all the members.

I love you all very much and i'm so thankful for all your support. I pray for you all daily. Remember me and all of our investigators in your prayers! I'll talk to you all again this monday! :)

Love you all :)

Elder Ford

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