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Onward Ever Onward March 26th

March 26 2012,


How are you all doing? Things have been sooo good in Stockport! The work is rolling along.

On Saturday we added a new member to the ward, Janet Ashokeji. Her baptismal service was great. We were able to get Stephen to attend and he really enjoyed it. Elder Corbin heard a quote from Elder Jeffrey R Holland that 80% of investigators who attend the baptism of another investigator will be baptized themselves. BOOM! Those are some pretty high numbers! Stephen is currently dated for the 7th and we're working towards it!

Herman(boy i met my first week out) also attended the baptism! he's been doing so well in the Y.S.A ward! He loves it. He's dated for baptism on the 5th and he's asked Elder Corbin to Baptize him! We're so excited for him!

There was such a good turnout for Janet's Baptism. The ward has been extremely supportive. Janet has integrated into the ward so well and the Relief Society sisters have made her feel very welcome

Sunday was amazing! The chapel was packed! Janet was confirmed a member and received the gift of the holy ghost, there were quite a few people there who hadn't been before of hadn't been in quite awhile, it was fast and testimony meeting and Stephen Got up and bore his testimony! Elder Corbin and I were so shocked. That was the last thing we expected him to do! He's making so much progress! :)

There is an Excitement for missionary work here in Stockport! The members are starting to do there own missionary work. They're bringing friends and relatives to church, they're giving us solid referrals. Things are going to pick up after Janets Baptism. I think it really breathed new life into the ward!

I'm really looking forward to this next week. We should have many teaching opportunities and hopefully we find a few more people who have been prepared to hear the gospel. We also have Zone Conference so i should receive any Mail/Packages that have been sent. I'm so excited for it! Mail is the best. I should have a package from mom and dad, hopefully with some food in it. I miss my American Food! A few of the members somehow found out about the package as well and they're looking forward to trying some of it! haha

Things are going good here. I miss everyone so much! I need to here from you all. I'll be staying in Stockport for at least the next six weeks, probably longer. Mail some stuff to the flat :)

Love you all

Elder Ford


 Herman and I   (p.s i picked up a new suit! It was left in one of the flats by a missionary that went home and it just happened to fit. not a perfect fit but it'll do for now :)

          The stockport Elders and Janet ( Me, Elder Webster, Janet, Elder Herrin, And Elder Corbin) 

Amy and Karla Ruddick. Members in the ward

Nuff Said
Nuff Said
Joe Biskup! haha Young man in the ward preparing for his mission. He's the best

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