Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter in StockPort

April 11 2012,

Hey everyone!

Sorry i wasn't able to email on monday. It was a Holiday here so the
library was closed.

Things have been good this past week. The baptisms of both Stephen and
Herman have been moved back. Hermans is scheduled for tomorrow and
Stephens is moved back to the 21st. Just some minor speed bumps but
we're pressing forward.

It was a great Easter Sunday. the chapel was packed! Our gospel
principles class was full to capacity with all of our investigators
and some other new people. We'll most likely need a new room next

Nothing to eventful happened the last week. I went on an exchange with
one of the Zone leaders. I learned a ton about using time effectively.
We also had a specialized training yesterday that took up most of the

Other than that not much. I went to Taco bell the other day. haha.
There are only two in all of england and the other one is in london.
It was pretty good but the portion sizes are horrible.

Love you all very much. sorry this is so short. We had to pay to go to
an internet cafe because the computers at the library are down. If i
don't get time to respond to your email i apologize! I'll talk to you
all on monday

Love Elder Ford

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