Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept 3, 2012

Hi everyone,

Things are rolling along here in the mission office. Not much has happened since my last email. haha. I'm still not used to the new assignment. I feel completely lost here! It's like being a new missionary all over again...except i'm not doing missionary things.

Today is my first full day in the office. We'll be here at least 3 days a week. Probably monday, wednesday and friday. The other days we'll be traveling up and down the mission being the emergency service/repair men/ taxi. Any spare time we'll try and find people for us to teach in Macclesfield. We're always going to have something to do. I feel a little lost in the office. I finnaly understand the feeling mom gets when she is trying to figure out how to send an email. haha. (relax mom, it's just a joke). ..but seriously. I should have paid more attention in my 7th grade computer tech class. I might have been able to figure out how to deal with a spreadsheet. 

One thing i really like about the office is how involved we are in everything. We work very closely with president Preston and the assistants. We get to know everything that's going on in the mission way before any one else and sometimes we get "top secret assignments" haha. Also the place where we live in Macclesfield is probably the nicest in the mission. Super nice kitchen, Big living room and study desk, Fancy shower, and A QUEEN SIZE BED! it's a pretty nice change from the smelly Preston flat. Elder Barnes has a California king sized mattress that i tried talking him into giving me but her wasn't feeling to charitable. haha. 

We had some time last night to drive around Macclesfield and find some people. Macclesfield is a small town with a lot of small villages surrounding it. We drove out to a village in a place called the Peak District. It was very beautiful. It's a big change being out in the country when i've been in the busy cities my entire mission. If i was to live in England it would probably be a place like Macclesfield. The ward here is fantastic too. 

We really don't get a P-day in the office. There's no time. President told us to have P-day whenever we get time, which isn't often so emails might be a bit sporadic. If you want to send anything send it to the mission office while i'm here.

England Manchester Mission
Spring Wood Suite G5
Booths Park
WA16 8QZ

Love you all!

Elder Ford

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